5 Tips To Teach Yourself How To Draw

1. Prepare References

Do you ever have an idea in you head of what to draw, but, when it comes to actually putting it down on paper, it looks nothing like what you imagined? This is a challenge a lot of artists struggle with. To avoid frustration, find many references online to make drawing an easy process.

If you need some inspiration, you can start looking at images of side profiles, dynamic poses or still life. If you know what to draw but cannot find what you are looking for, you can mix and match images or use apps such as Manikin or Easy Pose.

2. Tutorials

You can invest in professional art courses on websites which provide them, such as Udemy or Coursera. Additionally, many artists have step-by-step books which you can buy from Amazon if you prefer a physical copy. Some good books to start with are: How to Draw Cool Stuff, You Can Draw in 30 Days and The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Drawing.

These are helpful, but, there are other free alternatives. Youtube is a treasure trove for free resources. With many teachers, varying art styles and learners you can converse with in the comments. The truth is, there is no shortage of knowledge out there. If you’re looking for something, you will find it if you look hard enough. To begin with you can look at videos by Pypah’s Art, Alpay Efe, and Jazza.

3. Experiment

Artists take years to find their signature style. As effortless as their work looks, a lot of time and effort goes behind each piece. If you are struggling to find your style, don’t worry, there are a lot of other aspiring artists who have the same issue. Experiment with your art styles and do not be afraid to take on a challenge. Over time you will develop certain habits which will adopt into your style.

I myself have changed art styles multiple times, sometimes it even changes from drawing to drawing, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Having a varying art style also means I have range and room to improve and evolve my style.

4. Be Patient

As the saying goes, “all good things come to those who wait”. There is no quick fix to art. Time and dedication is all all it takes to become a successful artist. Art should be an enjoyable process, take your time and enjoy watching yourself improve.

When I began doing digital art, there was a massive learning curve and it took two days to finish a simple piece, but now I can do the same piece in a few hours. Isn’t that neat!

5. Be Kind To Yourself

Criticism can be tough to hear, especially if you are your own worst critic. The important thing to remember is that nobody is perfect. You should utilise your mistakes as stepping stones to improve yourself over time. Don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun!



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